Injuries happen... big hospital bills don't have to!

$34.95 a month = $2500 per accident

$44.95 a month = $5000 per accident

As a parent of a cheerleader, ensuring your child's safety and well-being is of paramount importance

Despite taking all necessary precautions, injuries can still occur in the high-energy, high-impact sport of cheerleading. Investing in a specialized accident plan to supplement your existing health insurance can provide peace of mind, knowing that your child's medical expenses will be covered in the event of an injury. Our accident plan covers deductibles on a first-dollar basis, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses and easing any financial strain during a difficult time. By securing this supplemental accident plan, you are not only safeguarding your child's health, but also protecting your family's financial stability.



This year my daughter broke her hand, had a concussion, and broke her nose... not a good year. It has cost us more than $3000 due to our Deductible.

Next season, we won't pay these expenses because we got Option 3, with $7500 in coverage for each accident!! Plus it covers everyone in the family.

- Scott Adams - Julia's Dad - Coed Crush Elite Cheer


Pick a plan that covers your expenses, and will cover you Major Medical Deductible

$54.95 per month covers the whole family for up to $7,500 PER ACCIDENT

Additional Benefits included

MD Hotline

Your 24/7 lifeline for prompt, high-quality, non-emergency healthcare! Your NEA membership includes unlimited consultations with MDhotline doctors for you and your dependents. When appropriate medical history is available, they can provide prescriptions for non-narcotic medications over the phone for family members of all ages.

Mobile Device Protection

This benefit reimburses the primary member for repair or replacement of their portable devices (mobile phone, tablet, or hot spot) in cases of accidental damage or theft. It covers up to $600 per claim ($1,000 per year) with a $25 co-payment. Included for all primary NEA members at no extra cost. *Subject to Portable Device Protection Terms & Conditions in membership materials.


Your pets are family, so we've included Pet Assure, the largest national pet discount plan, in your member benefits. Save 25% on all in-house medical services from network veterinarians, including office visits, surgery, x-rays, shots, and dental care. No forms, no waiting, no coverage denials. All household pets are covered, regardless of age or pre-existing conditions.

Plan Features:

  • Helps pay your medical expenses for hospital emergency room and confinement, doctor and surgeon, lab test and x-rays, and ambulance

  • Choose any doctor or hospital

  • MDhotline, a network of medical doctors you can call for a consultation or medical needs anytime, any day!

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits

  • Benefits are paid directly to you or your provider.

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